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GFX International adds print capability with Onset S70

Posted by Terry Mitchell

The latest sale of an Inca Onset S70 UV Digital Flatbed Press was to GFX International based out of Grayslake, Ill. GFX specializes in the production and implementation of in store graphic programs for a variety of retailers and brands, and anticipates the addition of the Inca Onset S70 will expand its offerings by giving clients more options related to variable data and version programs. The Onset S70 will also allow GFX to offer a cost competitive solution for these types of programs by significantly speeding up job production and reducing set-up time and materials.

"A project that would have taken an estimated 300 hours of total production time in the screen print process can now be completed in 30 hours with the addition of the Inca S70," said Mark Taylor, COO, GFX International. "Screen printing a quantity of 10,000 24"x30" posters containing 250 versions of varying amounts would require 63 different 4-up press forms.  With 63 different forms running on multiple screen presses it is difficult to maintain consistency, which is a key requirement when the output will be displayed side-by-side. Since more of our work requires versioning, particularly for our retail franchise customers operating in different regions,, the Onset S70 will offer a cost, capacity and speed benefit to our customers that frankly no other press on the market can match."


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